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3D inkjet-printing technology for flexible electronics and biofabrication
일자 2017.09.11(월)17:00~18:15 연사 정성준 교수 소속 POSTECH 창의IT융합과
Inkjet printing technology encompasses the generation, control and deposition of 10-100 um liquid drops. Besides graphic printing applications, new opportunities for inkjet printing are starting to be exploited commercially in the manufacture of high value, high precision products. The applications include 3D biological tissues and organs.for regenerative medicine as well as flexible electronics such as sensors, logic circuits, solar cells, and light emitting diodes. This talk covers from fundamentals of inkjet printing to a wide range of electronical and biological applications. I will begins with the introduction of an inkjet printer and inkjet process - How fluids can be formed into jets and drops, which travel to impact the substrate. A focus will be on ink characterization and ink rheology. The second part of the talk show how the inkjet printing can be used to fabricate and stack thin-film transistors vertically on flexible substrate. I will discuss why we need the 3D-stacked transistors and circuits, and what will be key applications of them. Next, another new application of inkjet - 3D printing of living cells and biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine will be discussed. This part of the talk will show how living cells can be ejected from micron-sized nozzle and how multiple types of cells can be patterned into liquid-filled plate with high-resolution and high-precision. Finally, the fabrication processes and applications of inkjet-printed artificial skin and lung models will be introduced.