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Electrochemical Engineering in the Metallization of Semiconductors
일자 2017.05.15(월) 17:00 연사 김재정 교수 소속 서울대학교 화학생물공학부
Semiconductor industry has experienced the dramatic technical innovation in transistors, capacitors and metallization. Especially in damascene metallization, Cu electroplating is regarded as an appropriate Cu deposition method. In high performance CMOS, Cu electrodeposition has only been expected to superfill the trenches and vias by using organic additives. The main reason for the Cu electroplating to be the state of the art in recent semiconductor fabrication technique lies on the combination of the additives, that is, accelerator, suppressor and leveler. Cu electroplating have extended its application from 1x nm to tens of micrometer scale. Depending on the application scale, the optimum combination of the additives is essential to the fabrication. In this talk, the general metallization scheme and copper process in semiconductor will be addressed.