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[초청세미나] 소프트일렉트로닉스연구단 Seminar (2017.03.13)
이름 관리자 (admin@domain.net) 작성일 17-03-09 11:45 조회 207
Time : 2017. 3. 13. (Monday) 16:00
Location : Room 3326, Research Bldg. 3
Speaker : Dr. Jin Young Oh
                    (Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University)
Intrinsically Stretchable and Healable Semiconducting Polymer
for Skin-Inspired Wearable Organic Transistors
Conferring intrinsic stretchability on electronic materials is an ultimate strategy for ideal stretchable electronic materials and stretchable semiconductor has become a core element of stretchable electronic devices. This talk addresses a new concept of molecule design and material processing to provide intrinsic stretchability to semiconducting polymer with maintaining electronic performance. The concept involves incorporating chemical moieties into backbone chain to promote dynamic non-covalent crosslinking of the conjugated polymers. Moreover, the non-covalent crosslinking moieties facilitate mechanically damaged polymer film to be efficiently healed with a simple treatment. The stretchable and healable semiconducting polymer enabled us to fabricate highly stretchable and high performance organic transistors. The design concept would open the way to future development of fully stretchable and healable devices which may play important roles in skin-inspired electronics.
Host : Prof. Unyong Jeong (279-2399)
                                                                                 Prof. Kilwon Cho (279-2270)