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Research Outcome

22 [김동표교수 연구실]
Micro-total envelope system with silicon nanowire separator for safe carcinogenic chemistry
Nature Communications 7 (10741), (February 2016)
21 [김진곤교수 연구실]
Microphase Separation of P3HT-Containing Miktoarm Star Copolymers
Macromolecules 49 (2), pp 616–623 (January 2016)
20 [차형준교수 연구실]
Mechanically Durable and Biologically Favorable Protein Hydrogel Based on Elastic Silklike Protein Derived from Sea Anemone
BIOMACROMOLECULES 16(12), pp3819-3826 (December 2015)
19 [박찬언교수 연구실]
A Mechanistic Understanding of a Binary Additive System to Synergistically Boost Efficiency in All-Polymer Solar Cells
Scientific Reports 5, 18024 (December 2015)
18 [최원용교수 연구실]
Photoinduced charge transfer processes in solar photocatalysis based on modified TiO2
Energy Environ. Sci., 2016, 9, 411 (December 2015)
17 [전상민교수 연구실]
Surface wetting of superhydrophobic aluminum oxide nanostructures investigated using the fiber-optic spectrometer and quartz crystal microbalance
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 220, pp799-804 (December 2015)
16 [노준석교수 연구실]
Metamaterials and imaging
Nano Convergence 2(22), pp1~16 (November 2015)
15 [정종식교수 연구실]
Ru-doped lanthanum strontium titanates for the anode of solid oxide fuel cells
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 40(34), pp10985-10993 (September 2015)
14 [정규열교수 연구실]
Pathway optimization by re-design of untranslated regions for L-tyrosine production in Escherichia coli
Scientific Reports 5, pp13853 (September 2015)
13 [김진곤교수 연구실]
Vertical Orientation of Nanodomains on Versatile Substrates through Self-Neutralization Induced by Star-Shaped Block Copolymers
Advanced Functional Materials 25(34), pp 5414–5419 (September 2015)
12 [오준학교수 연구실]
Highly Sensitive and Selective Biosensors Based on Organic Transistors Functionalized with Cucurbit[6]uril Derivatives
Advanced Functional Materials 25(30), p4882-4888 (August 2015)
11 [이진우교수 연구실]
Facile Synthesis of Nb2O5@Carbon Core–Shell Nanocrystals with Controlled Crystalline Structure for High-Power Anodes in Hybrid Supercapacitors
ACS NANO 9(7), pp7497-7505 (July 2015)
10 [박태호교수 연구실]
A Strategy to Design a Donor?π?Acceptor Polymeric Hole Conductor for an Efficient Perovskite Solar Cell
Advanced Energy Materials 5(14), p1500471 (July 2015)
9 [용기중교수 연구실]
Combining the lotus leaf effect with artificial photosynthesis: regeneration of underwater superhydrophobicity of hierarchical ZnO/Si surfaces by solar water splitting
NPG Asia Materials 7, e201 (July 2015)
8 [이진우교수 연구실]
Designing a Highly Active Metal-Free Oxygen Reduction Catalyst in Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Alkaline Fuel Cells: Effects of Pore Size and Doping-Site Position
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54, pp 9230-9234 (June 2015)
7 [박종문교수 연구실]
Effects of pH control and concentration on microbial oil production from Chlorella vulgaris cultivated in the effluent of a low-cost organic waste fermentation system producing volatile fatty acids.
BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY 184, pp245-250 (May 2015)
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