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Research Outcome

44 [박태호교수 연구실]
Inducing swift nucleation morphology control for efficient planar perovskite solar cells by hot-air quenching
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5, p3812-3818 (February 2017)
43 [용기중교수 연구실]
Simple but Effective Way To Enhance Photoelectrochemical SolarWater-Splitting Performance of ZnO Nanorod Arrays: ChargeTrapping Zn(OH)2 Annihilation and Oxygen Vacancy Generation by Vacuum Annealing
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9(3), p2317-2325 (January 2017)
42 [박태호교수 연구실]
A comparative study on the thermal- and microwave-assisted Stille coupling polymerization of a benzodithiophene-based donor–acceptor polymer (PTB7)
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, p3330-3335 (January 2017)
41 [차형준교수 연구실]
Accelerated skin wound healing using electrospun nanofibrous mats blended with mussel adhesive protein and polycaprolactone
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 105(1), p218-225 (January 2017)
40 [차형준교수 연구실]
Sandcastle Worm-Inspired Blood-Resistant Bone Graft Binder Using a Sticky Mussel Protein for Augmented In Vivo Bone Regeneration
Advanced Healthcare Materials 5, p3191–3202 (December 2016)
39 [차형준교수 연구실]
Multiplex 16S rRNA-derived geno-biochip for detection of 16 bacterial pathogens from contaminated foods
Biotechnology Journal 11(11), p1405-1414 (November 2016)
38 [용기중교수 연구실]
Hydrogen-doped Brookite TiO2Nanobullets Array as a Novel Photoanode for Efficient Solar Water Splitting
Scientific Reports 6:36099 (October 2016)
37 [차형준교수 연구실]
Switch of Surface Adhesion to Cohesion by Dopa-Fe3+ Complexation, in Response to Microenvironment at the Mussel Plaque/Substrate Interface
Chemistry of Materials 28, p7982-7989 (October 2016)
36 [박태호교수 연구실]
Interfacial Electron Accumulation for Efficient Homo-Junction Perovskite Solar Cells
Nano Energy 28, p269-276. (October 2016)
35 [이건홍교수 연구실]
Inhibition of methane and natural gas hydrate formation by altering the structure of water with amino acids
Scientific Reports 6:31582 (August 2016)
34 [박찬언교수 연구실]
Unified film patterning and annealing of an organic semiconductor with micro-grooved wet stamps
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4(29), p6996-7003 (August 2016)
33 [박찬언·박태호 교수 연구팀]
High-Field-Effect Mobility of Low-Crystallinity Conjugated Polymers with Localized Aggregates
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138(26),pp8096-8103 (July 2016)
32 [오준학 교수 연구실]
Boosting the Performance of Organic Optoelectronic Devices Using Multiple-Patterned Plasmonic Nanostructures
Advanced Materials 28(25), pp4976-4982 (July 2016)
31 [차형준교수 연구실]
Engineering de novo disulfide bond in bacterial α-type carbonic anhydrase for thermostable carbon sequestration
Scientific Reports 6:29322 (July 2016)
30 [박태호교수 연구실]
Dopant-free polymeric hole transport materials for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells
Energy & Environmental Science 9, pp2326-2333 (July 2016)
29 [박태호교수 연구실]
Well-Defined Nanostructured, Single-Crystalline TiO2 Electron Transport Layer for Efficient Planar Perovskite Solar Cells
ACS Nano 10(6), pp 6029–6036 (June 2016)
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