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Research Outcome

33 [박찬언·박태호 교수 연구팀]
High-Field-Effect Mobility of Low-Crystallinity Conjugated Polymers with Localized Aggregates
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138(26),pp8096-8103 (July 2016)
32 [오준학 교수 연구실]
Boosting the Performance of Organic Optoelectronic Devices Using Multiple-Patterned Plasmonic Nanostructures
Advanced Materials 28(25), pp4976-4982 (July 2016)
31 [차형준교수 연구실]
Engineering de novo disulfide bond in bacterial α-type carbonic anhydrase for thermostable carbon sequestration
Scientific Reports 6:29322 (July 2016)
30 [박태호교수 연구실]
Dopant-free polymeric hole transport materials for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells
Energy & Environmental Science 9, pp2326-2333 (July 2016)
29 [박태호교수 연구실]
Well-Defined Nanostructured, Single-Crystalline TiO2 Electron Transport Layer for Efficient Planar Perovskite Solar Cells
ACS Nano 10(6), pp 6029–6036 (June 2016)
28 [박태호교수 연구실]
Organic Solar Cells: High-Performance Small Molecule via Tailoring Intermolecular Interactions and its Application in Large-Area Organic Photovoltaic Modules
Advanced Energy Materials, Vol. 6, No. 12 (June 2016)
27 [김동표교수 연구실]
Submillisecond organic synthesis: Outpacing Fries rearrangement through microfluidic rapid mixing
Science, 352, pp691-694 (May 2016)
26 [박찬언교수 연구실]
A Lattice-Strained Organic Single-Crystal Nanowire Array Fabricated via Solution-Phase Nanograting-Assisted Pattern Transfer for Use in High-Mobility Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Advanced Materials 28(16), p3209-3215 (April 2016)
25 [이건홍교수 연구실]
Synthesis of carbon nanotube fibers using the direct spinning process based on Design of Experiment (DOE)
Carbon 100, p647-655 (April 2016)
24 [조길원교수 연구실]
Side-Chain-Induced Rigid Backbone Organization of Polymer Semiconductors through Semifluoroalkyl Side Chains
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138(11), pp3679-3686 (March 2016)
23 [박태호교수 연구실]
Pt-Free Counter Electrodes with Carbon Black and 3D Network Epoxy Polymer Composites
Scientific Reports 6, 22987 (March 2016)
22 [김동표교수 연구실]
Micro-total envelope system with silicon nanowire separator for safe carcinogenic chemistry
Nature Communications 7 (10741), (February 2016)
21 [김진곤교수 연구실]
Microphase Separation of P3HT-Containing Miktoarm Star Copolymers
Macromolecules 49 (2), pp 616–623 (January 2016)
20 [차형준교수 연구실]
Mechanically Durable and Biologically Favorable Protein Hydrogel Based on Elastic Silklike Protein Derived from Sea Anemone
BIOMACROMOLECULES 16(12), pp3819-3826 (December 2015)
19 [박찬언교수 연구실]
A Mechanistic Understanding of a Binary Additive System to Synergistically Boost Efficiency in All-Polymer Solar Cells
Scientific Reports 5, 18024 (December 2015)
18 [최원용교수 연구실]
Photoinduced charge transfer processes in solar photocatalysis based on modified TiO2
Energy Environ. Sci., 2016, 9, 411 (December 2015)
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